Coronary artery disease develops when major blood vessels that provide blood, oxygen and nutrients to your heart become damaged or contract disease. Often, cholesterol deposited as fatty plaque in your arteries and inflammation cause coronary artery disease. Plaque accumulation narrows your coronary arteries, which decreases blood flow to your heart. Eventually, this can cause chest pain, shortness of breath or other symptoms. Complete blockage can cause a heart attack.

What causes coronary artery disease?

Coronary artery disease often develops slowly over decades, and many people don’t notice any problems until they have a significant blockage or heart attack. There is much you can do to prevent and treat coronary artery disease. A healthy lifestyle can make a big difference.

Coronary artery disease usually begins with damage or injury to the inner layer of a coronary artery. This can even occur in childhood. The factors leading to this damage include:

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Once you damage the inner wall of an artery, fatty deposits tend to accumulate at the injury site. This is a condition known as atherosclerosis. If the plaque ruptures, blood cells will clump at the site to repair the artery. This clump can block the artery and lead to a heart attack.

How can you prevent coronary artery disease?

Adopting good lifestyle habits can help ease coronary artery disease and prevent it from developing in the first place. A healthy lifestyle can help keep your arteries strong and clear of plaques. For better heart health, you can:

  • Quit smoking
  • Control high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes
  • Stay physically active
  • Eat a low-fat, low-salt diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Lose weight or keep a healthy weight
  • Reduce and manage stress

While coronary artery disease is common and quite treatable, Dr. Irobunda and his team also treat other common heart-related medical conditions. These include but are not limited to:

  • Valvular heart disease
  • Congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Dyslipidemia (abnormal cholesterol, triglycerides, fat lipids in the blood)
  • Pericardial Diseases

It’s never too soon nor too late to have your heart health checked. For more information, call 212.305.1467.


  • Dr. Irobunda has been AMAZING!!! He has been the only doctor that has been able to stabilize my symptoms. I was working with 3-4 different doctors in New Jersey who were unable to treat my condition and were at a lose of how to move forward. It wasn't until I began under the care of Dr. Irobunda that I have been able to live a normal life. I am happy to say I am 8-9 months symptoms free. He has always made himself available to speak with ma via phone when I was experiencing symptoms at home and needed advice. When in his office, he has always made me feel comfortable and answered any and all the questions I or my family members had. I have recommended Dr. Irobunda to several of my close friends and will continue to do so. Jessi- his secretary, ALWAYS answers the phone and has been very accommodating with scheduling appointments, setting up blood work, and calling my pharmacy for medication refills. She has been a pleasure to work with. Wait time has always been at a minimal. There are no excessive wait times, ever. The woman at the front desk are also very helpful and kind. I have nothing but positive feedback for Dr. Irobunda and his team =).
    – s.H.

  • Dr I is a dedicated professional with heart.

  • Excellent. Two stents and blood clot in heart Nov 2016.
    – B.B.

  • Dr. Irobunda and his staff are outstanding. Each member is dedicated, professional, caring and knowledgeable. It is always a pleasure dealing with each individual on the "team." They make a difficult experience (visit to a MD office) as pleasurable as possible. It is so nice to know you have a group of outstanding people keeping you healthy.
    – h.s.

  • The best doctor with lot of compassion! Great experience to be cared by Dr Irobunda and the staff!
    – R.P.

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